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Locally grown meat is now available

in the Northern Neck!


The Foxes Farm, located in Farnham, VA provides local Angus and Wagyu beef. Our cattle are raised on grass, and finished on grass and grain. 


Grass raised meat has a lower fat content and is higher in antioxidants such as Vitamin E. Benefits of grass-fed beef are also the higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, and lower amounts of LDL cholesterol.

By adding grain during the finishing months, the beef has time to develop the marbeling we expect from a high quality steak. The ability to produce marbled steak comes primarily from genetics, but is also influenced by diet. 

Plan ahead today for a healthier dinner tomorrow.

the foxes farm beef shares

NOW taking deposits for Beef that will be ready in March 2022. 


A Deposit of $300 will be required to reserve your cattle selection. Since all of our animals are harvested after they are sold, advance reservations are required.


Reservations are accepted until SOLD OUT. Don't wait, reserve today. 

A Cut sheet will be available to select from prior to processing, and hanging weigh and updated cost will be calculated once processed and weight.


The butchers processing fee will be calculated based on the hanging weight and updated to the customer. 

Beef shares are priced at $5 per hanging pound paid to Fox Farms, and the Butchers fee is paid to the butcher upon pickup.

Reach out today for more information! 

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We raise our cattle on grass and they eat natural pasture grass for their entire lives.

Our pastures are NEVER sprayed with herbicides.


We practice rotational grazing, to improve the quality of our pastures.


We also practice low stress handling for all our animals and we do NOT use growth hormones.

Angus: Quality marbling and tenderness that we know from the Angus breed.

Wagyu: Our herd Dams are registered Purebred Wagyu, and our Sires are Fullblood Wagyu. Wagyu is a Japanese breed of Cattle, known for its superior texture, marbling and flavor. There is simply no other breed of cattle that marbles like a Wagyu - its melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  


Our beef is priced at $5 per pound hanging weight that will be paid to The Foxes Farm.


For example, a 1200lb Steer with a hanging weight of 750lb, Consider $5 per pound hanging weight plus butcher fee. The butcher fee is usually around $1 per pound but this depends on the butcher and the cut sheet. 

  • Whole cow: $3750 for 750lb hanging weight, plus butcher fee.


  • 1/2 cow: $1875 for 377lb hanging weight, plus butcher fee.

  • 1/4 cow: $937.5 for 187.5lb hanging weight, plus butcher fee.


This years Processing Dates:

March 3

April 7

May 24

June 13

July 13

Aug 17

Sep 6

Oct 17

To book your beef, please pay a $300 deposit 30 days prior to processing. 90% of the estimated balance is paid before processing date, and the remainder is paid upon pickup once the butcher has weighed and updated the final price. 

A Cut sheet will be available to select from prior to processing, hanging weight and updated cost will be calculated once processed and weighed.

 The butcher is paid a processing fee upon pickup.

Please note that the butchers fee varies  depending on the butcher selected.