Calving season has begun!

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Baby cows are here! We do things a little differently, we decided to work towards fall calving, instead of spring calving. That way the little cows have the best nutrition year round, during their first year. They nurse through their first winter and eat lush spring and summer grass before moving on to their new homes. We have a small pet herd. Two Dexters, and 3 miniature Belted Galloways. Dexters are naturally small, and are dual purpose cows. Many homesteads like having Dexters for their dual purpose nature, and train them as milk cows. The first 2 calves here have a mini Beltie sire, so they will have more of a beefy meat frame. The Beltie girls are due to drop this fall too. Last year Callie produced a beautiful dun colored bull calf who we steered and sold along with a Beltie Dexter cross, to become pets at a beautiful home in Tennessee. We are exited to see the colors we get from the Belties this season! Here is a picture of our newest Dexter calf.


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